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craigslist poetry doesn't always suck. oh, wait, no, it does.

Date: 2005-04-26, 10:58AM PDT
my garden
my life
my dreams

the vines are thick
and strangling themselves
but still there's a profusion
of blossoms
pendulous, colorful, weary

bring your quiver, sire
i need a straight arrow guy
with clarity
and vision
to penetrate and clear out
this profusion of confusion
this miasma

a man unafraid
to take charge
to clutch and cling
plow this moist earth
clear out those dense and
tangled vines

and not let me run away so
so restlessly
as i have done before

i'm ready now
to go down for the count
to grow, maybe a little crooked
and winding
but in the same place
with the same man

i've been around the spheres for a while
and still desire
exploration and adventures
but this time with a guide
a co-conspirator

an experienced man
who's even a bit wounded and angry
hell - we've all got baggage
because we've been places
and are transiting to others
every moment

so come,
to my wild and tangled garden
lay down beside me

amidst the weeds and vines
i am ripe and ready
the stars are out...

and i am waiting, waiting...

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