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Date: 2005-03-04, 11:27AM PST
You, like me, are essentially a very trusting, loving person. You know that the world is perfect the way it is, even though it can be so hard sometimes. You know that you are complete by yourself but you love the sweetness of deep intimacy, of holding someone in your arms. You have a strong spiritual center- know that the universe (or whatever you want to call it) provides for you abundantly in every moment- and that being present is the key to your joy. You are equally comfortable in quiet/ stillness or talking- you know that place ‘beyond words’, beyond description.

I have spent much of my journey in this form coming into consciousness with the different aspects of being here- moving into my body, healing on cognitive, energetic, somatic levels, claiming my sexuality. This journey has brought me to a deep connection with Spirit, of whom I am, and for me all there is. I am looking for a man who also knows this deep connection with Spirit and wants to bring that connection into deep intimacy and partnership.

Attraction for me is about soul to soul. I know that when we find each other there will be that draw to connect some more, and then some more. I want to luxuriate in that process with you, following the draw to connect, honoring what is arising for each of us as we find our way individually and together. Staying out of story, dating without drama, just being in the moment, discovering what is true for us as we connect deeply heart to heart.

More about you: You may be of any ethnic background (I am European American). You are somewhere in the vicinity of 38-54 years old this time around. You don’t smoke and you take excellent care of your being- your body, your mind, and your spirit.

More about me: …I am 46 years young, 5’8”, slim build, European American, green eyes, short-wavy salt and pepper hair. I love to laugh and play. I stay fit through dancing, yoga, hiking, biking, whatever calls to me. I love being in nature. I am a natural, kind of woman- I don’t wear makeup or dye my hair. I have been told that I am beautiful- and I know that is true- but the beauty I hope that you will see is my essence coming through the physicality of me in this human form. That is the beauty I know I will see in you.

PLEASE NOTE: I will only respond to inquiries where I really feel drawn (even though I know you are all wonderful!) - so please tell me about yourself and what draws you to my ad. Regardless, I wish everyone well in their search! Thanks for reading my ad.

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