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+ Goddess...Beckoning Her God
+ Ready to Build a Partnership Based Upon Love and Leave Fear Behind?
+ I am a premed brainy but stunningly beautiful
+ re: A Christmas Fable
+ 50-64yo?It Takes 2 To TANGO!Swim-Dance-21 activities w/Asian MERMAID - 11/01/04
i AM scared of this LADY!!!

please also LOOK at the scary PICTURES!

Date: 2004-11-01, 1:25PM PST
Two gym members declared their love in 3 years. When they said: I love you, I said: will U swim or walk in the chlorinated pools with me? Neither of them would agree! Sorry, I could NOT give MY FAITHful heart (and sensual body) to a NONswimmer! So far, I have NOT met an AVID swimmer (or water jogger)yet!

I met a real CUTE 49yo blond single dad(of a 16yo boy)at the Halloween Dance last night! He will see me again tonight(his 49th birthday)!But,he enjoys more going to regular 12 step program meetings in Oakland than swimming!

IF I ever decide to quit swimming (oh no! how DULL life would be for a Mermaid!):, I MIGHT stop looking for a swimming companion- 50-60yo SOULmate.

Unfortunately I cannot be involved with one NONswimmer and still be looking for a swimming companion to swim in the warm oceans with ME,a Mermaid-beginning swimmer!

News FLASH: Avoid Shark attacks!! Swim in groups of 2 or more in any oceans or swim SAFELY in public pools 24/7 at any time (with this Mermaid??)! chuckle! ):

a)6 emails: I hit Reply, my email replies bounced back! NOW:Phone replies ONLY!

b) twice the cyber gameplayers sent VIRUS file! CONCLUSION: I Hit Delete all email (UNread- just a quick glance for phone# and basic info ) from NONswimmers or INsincere replies = awaiting email replies

(pay PHONE # with TIME and DATE: NO problem if U are also a 100% SINCERE Swimmer- aqua jogger- any levels!)

Sure, I will email you ONLY AFTER YOU SWIM with me at Fitness clubs (Yes, I will get you free fitness center passes on 2nd date. which club do U belong to? I can join a 3rd club: YEAR-Round OUTDOOR heated pool?NO Problem)

NON-Swimmers or email pen pals:Why WASTE your time and mine? skip my ad for LIVE phone CHAT 2 C if U wish to be MY swimming-tango companion?( 50-63 yo?)

N.B.MY Email address is like my PRIVATE residence address!Strangers NEVER get it! our second meeting in the gym might prove your SINCERITY for frienship+?

I got some courteous emails to wish me good luck and to say they like my photos. How about PRINT this ad or FORWARD to a divorced mid-late 50s coworker?swimming companion to go the the Ocean with ME ( to scare away the Shark together? or call for S.O.S Help if either one of us got attacked?? hopefully this scenerio NEVER happens!)

Let us take Tango Ballroom lessons together in Daly City next to the Westlakes District exit off Highway 280 or in Sunnyvale Ballroom dance school!. Advanced ballroom dancers ambitious to show me how at the dance school or ? : contact me while waiting for your ideal (liberated?)partner, we can start friendship with ballroom, movie, swimming , cycling , festivals activities OK?

I am a petite super energetic late 50s traditional (=FAMILY values) Mermaid with Masters degree and almost everything in life except a late 50s swimming companion or LIFE Partner to swim with me around the world or just in MY private indoor (new SALT-system -salty like seas) swimming pool (see my photos) or any chlorinated pools (see Mermaid mood taken in the snow in Lake Tahoe 2 minutes before jumping in the indoor swimming pool at the motel). I love disco and ballroom dance and most music including RAP in English and French RAP! I am a beginner ballroom dancer ( 10 times so far at 3 different ballroom dance schools)

First 2 fun dates in PUBLIC places near SFO Airport area only or Daly City.

SINCERE? let me know your swimming and ballroom dance skill level ,ok?

I am a high beginning swimmer (one foot in pools or ocean at all times!)with a B grade in beginning swimming in a state university in Connecticut. I have swum in Bali (1998), Fiji (1988),Costa Rica,Trinidad, Venezuela(1990),Guadeloupe,Hawaii(5 summers), Vung Tau near China,Brazil,Morocco,Tunesia (2003-2nd time),Marseilles-France, (summer 2003), Santa Domingo, Nassau(swam to 3 AM with another college student I met at the disco in my 20s!), Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Connecticut (4 summers-1960s), Miami Beach (2 summers) Bermuda,Aruba, Tahiti (1977),Mississippi Gulf, Lake Tahoe 2003-ice cold! etc

50yo++ SWIMMERS: Please be very PATIENT:KINDLY ignore my exotic American accent(here since 1963) when I call you.(forward this ad to your friends? thanks)

Phone chat is a MUST. Do share your 5 basic info:age,last time U swam or took tango lessons?,fitness member? Let's chat LIVE to see if you wish to have a FUN date with ME:movie,swimming, bicycle(eXtra man's bike 4U),festivals etc. :)

We all know: It Takes 2 To TANGO! (same age group?!MY first choice: 58-60yo?) Sorry, NO men in 20s,30s,

P.S. The FIRST N/S 50-62yo DIVORCED romantic AQUAMAN(without pets,minor dependents) who swims with me 21 consecutive days must be a TRUE miracle?

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