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+ Chris Lilley
+ NEW JOB!!!!!
+ Jimmy Conrad has a posse
+ Fighting Talk
+ New Years
+ 2011 Women's World Cup - 06/28/11
I may be the only person on this message board watching this tourney right now (and after today's news Mexican Copa America players got robbed by hookers they personally hired, well, yeah I can't really top that), but so far the WWC is pretty awesome. Two amazing goalazos from Canada's Christine Sinclair & Mexico's Monica Ocampo. Tomorrow Brazil play Australia. C'mon Matildas!

+ New Server
+ damon/graham blur reunion rumors
+ SJ Earthquakes vs The Los Angeles Galaxy
+ WHAT?!?!? Robbie Williams to play VEGAS?!?!?!
+ Ugly Betty (again)
+ Last Quakes game of the season
+ Earthquakes win the Carolina Challenge Cup
+ Crashing a company christmas party
+ Accidentially crashing another company's xmas party
+ John Cho singing karaoke
+ Hanging out with Amy on Sat
+ Chivas USA basically kill the SJ Earthquakes' chance at the playoffs & subsequently win a berth (last night)
+ Ruud Gullit resigns & Alexi Lalas fired!
+ 200 Miles Produce
+ Chabot!
+ goodbye to co-worker drinks
+ east bay happy hour -> morning bloody marys -> work
+ ColbertReport window decal
+ Brent Weinbach
+ Crazy Days and Nights
+ Blizzardman
+ The ultimate music blog site
+ Holy Moly's cunts corner
+ Ugly Betty
+ Savanna wine
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