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+ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was a prequel.
+ Debbie Gibson was (kinda) in Ghostbusters
+ Sloth was on the Raiders
+ Ski maps are all drawn by the same guy.
+ The Columbus Incident + Roseanne
+ Chard is the top part of beets
+ Zima, RIP
+ Cap Garland's Unhappy Demise
+ Slash and David Bowie
+ The Island of the Blue Dolphins
+ John Ritter is Tex Ritter's son
+ Pigeon poop kills
+ Why some pigeons have messed-up feet
+ Just because Bugs Bunny did it doesn't mean it's okay
+ Pop/soda/coke
+ Cats can get herpes
+ Gloria Steinem married Christian Bale's father
+ Fast Times at Ridgemont High for dummies
+ Barry Zito is Patrick Duffy's nephew
+ The modern slot machine was invented in San Francisco
+ no american has died of old age since 1951
+ there are giant pill bugs* of the sea
+ laura ingalls wilder had a brother
+ dr. john the midnight tripper
+ rationing ended in britain on 4 july 1954
+ baby killer whales are born tail first
+ two cases of wine equal one five-gallon bucket
+ there's too much water in the amazon
+ saint bibiana
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