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+ Pyramid Apricot Weizen
+ Boont Amber Ale
+ House Red Wine (Parkway)
+ Sex on the Beach (Baggy's)
+ Sparks Plus
+ Wyder's Pear Cider
+ Vodka and Red Bull (Golden Bull)
+ Vodka and Cranberry (Golden Bull)
+ Sparks
+ Budweiser
+ Pabst
+ Rum and Coke (Phonebooth)
+ Chardonnay (Brendan's)
+ Magner's Cider
+ Stella Artois
+ Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs
+ Hoegaarden
+ Stella Artois
+ Felsner Gruner Veltliner
+ Sancerre Blanc
+ Sparks Light
+ "White Wine" (Bimbo's)
+ Hoegaarden
+ Sparks Plus
+ Vodka and Lemon-Lime
+ Vodka and Cran-something
+ Ectoplasm (330 Ritch)
+ White Russian
+ House Cabernet (Playhouse)
+ Hoegaarden - 03/11/06
One pint by the fireplace.

+ Red Wine
+ Cuba Libre (Doña Tomás)
+ Stella Artois
+ Vodka and Cranberry (Kingman's Lucky Lounge)
+ Red Wine (Kingfish)
+ Pabst
+ Rum and Coke (Bottom of the Hill)
+ Rum and Coke (The Independent)
+ House Red Wine (The Warfield)
+ Rum and Coke (The Arrow)
+ Rum and Coke (Cafe du Nord)
+ Rum and Coke (Annie's Social Club)
+ Whiskey Sour (The Alley)
+ Magner's Cider
+ Red Wine (Slim's)
+ April
+ Cheap Red Wine & Coke
+ Goth Sparks 10oz cans from a 12-pack
+ 1-Year Beerversary
+ MD 20/20
+ Envy
+ Absinthe
+ Fernet
+ Hobo's Wife
+ Chalibu!
+ Root Beer Schnapps
+ Nuvo
+ Sapporo
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These will currently be ranked in date order because I don't think I can compare wine to beer to cocktails. I will try to list all beverages to get a clear picture of my drinking habits. I'm finding that recording my drinks is almost like keeping a diary.

total: 58 in 4845 days
busiest month: March 2006
median ranked entry: House Cabernet (Playhouse)

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