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sf bay trail, pinole shores
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Shaving manual
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Morris Day & the Time-The Grand, Tracy
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Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Leigh Cook
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Canadian tuxedos

rld - Goatsnake - Black Age Blues (2015)
jake t - C-Note
peter s - Turkey Club Wrap
cory - Lake Merritt - 36 Dogs
d - 1 time
Multiphasi - Supersuckers, Yawpers @ Bottom of the Hill
skylar - The Ex & Ken Vandermark/Surplus 1980/Apogee Sound Club
aeva - To Have and to Hold Depeche Mode
stacey - sf sketchfest - come to papa
other alice - INXS "This Time"
O'Mahmud - New artisanal bedclothes company.
lara - Sequoia
ivy - pinedorado
nate - Django Unchained
emily - Sapporo
randall - Japandroids/Cloud Nothings @ New Parish 4/16/13
Jeffy - He's My Brother, She's My Sister | Amazon Offices, Seattle
skye - 166
grr - 2011 Women's World Cup
marg. - Frankie Feliciano / Timmy Regisford @ the New Parish
poodie - panini and meatball night
jaxonium - chuuch
Lindie - Skins, series 3
Le Stu - Laphroaig 10 Year Old Single Malt
tina v - Lentil Soup with Winter Greens, Cumin & Cilantro (Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Soups)

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molly - 10/12/20
lassen nat'l park
camping. 2.8mi walk.

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